COVID-19 vaccinations 5 and up


COVID vaccine update ages 5-11 from IPHC

COVID vaccine has been approved for emergency use in children 5-11 years of age.  The roll out of this vaccine begins this week and will be available November 4that Children’s Hospital Colorado (although those clinics are full).  IPHC is not presently a vaccine site,although our application is in and awaiting response from the State. This vaccine is unique in that all doses are controlled regarding who gets the vaccine (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, private practices), where the vaccine is given (rural versus urban), how it is stored and the information and scheduling of the vaccine administration and recommendations regarding follow-up doses. 

The FDA has approved emergency use authorization for children age 5-12 years for Pfizer vaccine. That does not mean that vaccine is readily available yet.  The next step is the ACIP (advisory committee for immunization practices) meets November 2 to firm up details.  The chain of information moves from the ACIPto the local public health departments to the designated administration sites.

The following links are resources for you to read andlocate vaccine availability and access.

For your child 12 and up, please try to schedule at your local pharmacies.


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