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We are currently welcoming new clients with Insurance, Colorado Medicaid, and Self-Pay. Be sure to read our web section “Are We a Good Fit?

Our Mission

Integrative Pediatric Health Care is an integrative, mindful, caring, and ethical client / provider partnership integrating a patient centered medical home model and draws on conventional and ancient healing traditions to promote the health, dignity and well being of each child and family member.



Transfers from other practices--Please make sure we are an in-network provider on your health insurance by calling the # on the back of your card or logging on to your insurance’s member portal. We take all major insurances, but some small group plans have limited panels who will not allow IPHC to participate.  If you have questions, please ask a member of our staff. Please have previous medical records sent to our office by filling out the Record Release Authorization and fax to 720-870-3726 or your previous medical provider.

Newborns--Infants need to be added to their parent’s insurance policy within 30 days. Mothers are often told their insurance will cover the newborn for 30 days, but this is almost never the case. Children who do not have an insurance ID # by 30 days of life may not be allowed to schedule any further unless self-paying. This helps office staff keep your costs down in the event of an insurance non-payment or issue with obtaining coverage. Our staff will help problem solve your options, so please let us know if you have questions.

Self-Pay—we do offer a self-pay fee schedule that serves clients who are out of network, uninsured, underinsured, and those who participate in Health Shares (i.e. Medishare or Christian Health Ministries). Please ask about our rates for office visits, tests, lab send-outs, immunizations etc. Payment for these visits is due at time of service.


For infants born in the hospital, the first visit is generally within 24-72 hours after being discharged, so call before you go home for your first appointment. For infants born at home or in birth centers, a midwife will generally provide care through the first two weeks of life; therefore, we will see those clients at one month unless the midwife specifies otherwise. All newborn care will be performed by contracted Pediatricians/Pediatric Nurse Practitioners depending on which facility is used. IPHC NPs do not provide in-hospital care or rounds, so be sure to let your in-facility providers know that you’ll be following up with IPHC. We are unable to perform on site circumcisions or hearing screens so be sure they’re performed at the hospital or birth center, and if born at home, ask your midwife. Please bring ALL paperwork with you to your first visit. Please fill out the online check-in and patient history and policy information PRIOR to your visit (via email or text, otherwise please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to appointment start time. Please be advised that IPHC requires THAT ALL NEWBORNS coming into practice have received injectable Vitamin K at birth (not oral). We will not see children until 6 months of life if the child did not receive injectable vitamin K out of concerns for safety (this includes siblings of existing clients).

Meet and Greets

Our office does not provide “meet and greet” appointments. After years of providing them, our office was met with several barriers to accommodating them in a small practice and realized most parents had the same questions which can be answered online. We are confident and committed that you will have your questions answered prior to deciding to join IPHC; therefore, please make sure you agree to our policies, have read our information “Are We a Good Fit”, have read about our Nurse Practitioners and Testimonials. Please let our staff know if you have questions specific to our practice not answered on our website or by our office staff. If you’re ready to register, give us a call at 720-442-3615 option 1. We look forward to working with you!

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