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New Patient Registration Process at IPHC


  1. Find out if we are in-network with your insurance. Please do not register until you’ve completed this step. IPHC cannot do this for you. You must log on or call your insurance company and ask if Integrative Pediatric Health Care is in-network.
  2. Read the “are we a good fit” section of our website by (clicking here).
  3. Read our office policies (click here). By registering, you acknowledge agreement to the policies.
  4. Sign release of medical records forms electronically (i.e. using Adobe fill and sign) or print/fill/scan the form (Click here) and return via email to or obtain from your previous provider.
  5. Routine childhood vaccinations are required for new clients at IPHC (effective February 2022). We recommend the CDC vaccination schedule. Anyone who needs to catch-up on vaccinations or requests an alternate timeline for vaccines requires a plan and approval by providers before you will be registered. Clients who do not immunize are not a candidate to register at IPHC.
  6. Medical records must be received before a visit is scheduled.


  1. IPHC requires injectable vitamin K to be given to newborns at birth if attending IPHC. This is a routine and important safety measure offered at all births and is standard of care. We do not allow exceptions to this policy, and we do not endorse the administration of oral vitamin K as an alternative.
  2. We require clients to pre-register newborns, after the baby is born call us from the hospital or birth center to arrange your first visit and update the name and date of birth
  3. Make sure the hospital/birth center/midwife knows to send records to us. Please bring any records with you to the first visit in case your records do not arrive in time.
  4. We understand parents of newborns may need to discuss vaccinations prior to being comfortable moving forward. Therefore, we will see the newborn for care and discuss vaccinations if parents are undecided; however, we do require vaccinations to begin no later than 4 months of age. If a parent is seeking an alternative schedule, while we do not endorse or support variation from CDC schedule, a provider will discuss your plans and approve to continue care beyond 4 months of age.

When all steps are completed, CLICK HERE for the online registration form.


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