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New Patient Registration Process at IPHC

Thanks for your consideration of our practice! Please follow these steps to register:

  1. Read the “are we a good fit section of our website” by clicking here

  2. Find out prior to registering if we are an in-network provider. Do not register until you know your own status. We cannot do this for you, you have to log on or call your insurance company and ask if Integrative Pediatric Health Care is in-network

  3. If you do not follow the CDC vaccine schedule, you have a couple of steps prior to registering online, see below

  4. For newborns, see below

  5. Obtain Medical Records, see below;

THEN, if you have completed these steps, you will register online (see link at bottom of page). If you do not complete these steps, we will not process your registration. Our Providers also reserve the right to accept or decline your registration. 

For newborns(disregard if not applicable):

  • Call us from the hospital or birth center to arrange your first visit and update the name and date of birth

  • Make sure the hospital knows to send records to us. SKIP the part of the medical records below unless you are also registering siblings of newborns.

  • Make sure your baby receives injectable vitamin K at birth-we do not allow any exceptions to this policy, oral vitamin K is not an alternative to this policy 

For clients who do not or alternatively vaccinate click here for the full immunization policy

  • Please follow all the above steps and fill out our office’s Immunization plan, this form comes to us automatically. Click here for details

  • Please view the vaccine video on the CDPHE portal to ensure you’ve received standardized education related to non-medical exemption and PRINT or download the certificate at the end. This is non-negotiable. THEN you can submit this form here.  Click here for details about this process. Read our resource guide if needed to help with forms by clicking here

Obtaining medical records by filling out a medical records release so we can track them down.

  • You can fill out our release form hassle-free and quickly if you:   Click here 

  • **please include all previous providers who may have records and fill out more than one form if needed.

To register online CLICK HERE

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